I am very passionate about designing both print and digital materials in Adobe Create Suite programs (InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator); I believe that consistent branding tactics can really strengthen marketing campaigns. When I was at DePaul’s Department of Housing Services, I worked off of a style guide that I helped to develop. This style-guide allowed me to stay on track with the use of colors, fonts and language, so that I could ensure that the departmental image and voice was streamlined across the board.

Here are some examples of the work that I do from 9-5:


Within the past couple of years, I’ve been slowly stepping into the freelance design world, which has been really exciting for me! So far, I have done some postcard designs and advertisements for a Chicago-based medical association, as well as wedding graphics and a save the date postcard for a friend’s wedding.  I also play in a rock’n’roll band in my free time, so I have had the opportunity to design some posters to advertise our gigs. My freelance work is a creative outlet for me and a way for me to have fun and stay passionate about design.

Here are some examples of my freelance design work: