Web content management is my primary role at the American Bar Association, where I manage my Division’s website and social media platforms. I also delved into a number of web-based projects, within my role at DePaul’s Department of Housing Services and in my graduate school program. The overarching philosophy behind these projects comes down to telling a meaningful story to increase return on investment, all while optimizing user experience. By examining the ways in which my audiences interact with different platforms, I have discovered the power of social media and digital storytelling. Furthermore, by continuously assessing success through analytics and usability testing I’ve been able to formulate new ideas on how to improve the user experience.

Please explore some of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on in my career and in my studies!

Content Strategy

During my time in my graduate school program, I had the opportunity to partner with Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS) to develop a web content strategy for the organization’s website and digital communications. While working in a small team, I consulted with staff of LPCS to determine the core goals of the organization and better understand some of their challenges, as well. I was also responsible for leading user testing sessions, in order to identify areas of the website that users found challenging. With this research in mind, my team and I produced a comprehensive content strategy report to help the organization stay on track with their messaging, moving forward. The report includes user personas, an editorial calendar template, a channel and velocity plan, content guidelines, templates for social media posts and suggestions for assessing web analytics.

This project won the New Media Studies “Best Project in Professional and Technical Writing” award in 2016.

Website Management

Within my role at the American Bar Association, I have worked to revamp many of my Division’s webpages, in order to improve user experience. Here is the landing page for our publications, which was not very inclusive when I first arrived in my position. It only showcased two publications, while the others remained hidden in other areas of the website. Here is the before and after of the web-page redesign.

Social Media

Below is a social media marketing plan that I developed for the Department of Housing Services during my time working as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at DePaul University. By assessing our analytics and bench-marking with other universities, I created a strategy that ties our brand message back to our mission.

Digital Storytelling

One of my favorite projects that I worked on in graduate school was a digital photo essay based on the “You Are Beautiful” street art movement. This project allowed me to explore the relationship between text and image and really brought to light the difference between print and web-based storytelling. I took all of the photographs within this story, and retouched them as well. I received the “Best New Media Content” New Media Studies award in 2014 for this project.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 5.14.36 PM

I have also done a bit of video editing work in my position at the American Bar Association. Here’s a video for a program that we put together called National Civics & Law Academy, which allows high school students from across the country to visit Washington D.C.



Learning code has given me a greater understanding on how to structure content for SEO and how to stylize content to make it beautiful. While coding was not a language that came naturally to me from the start, I have learned to understand and grasp the main concepts of it, which has felt empowering! I was able to create a photography website using only HTML and CSS. I’ve also been tasked with creating quarterly HTML/CSS e-newsletters for my department. Below is an example of one of these newsletters!